How It Works

How it Works

Call Warrior is a full-featured virtual phone system. Using Call Warrior, you can create an entire network of phone numbers for your small business and direct the operation of that network with precision control. Taking advantage of both traditional calls and SMS, CallWarrior’s easy interface utilizes a simple GUI to make directing any phone action as easy as clicking and dragging an applet.

Go with the Flow

The basis of Call Warrior is the flow. The flow refers to the series of actions that Call Warrior takes whenever a customer calls any of the numbers in your network. You can set up a menu, transfer calls, play an automated message, pull the caller into a conference, and even direct action based on the caller’s ID.

Own Your Data

Now, for the first time, Call Warrior has applied the power of in-depth analytics to the virtual phone system. Call Warrior manages all your data in real time, and gives you full actionable reports on who has called you, how long the call lasted, and more. Identifying the needs of your customer has never been easier, or easier to improve.

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How It Works

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